Frequently Asked Questions

Our discerning customers expect outstanding quality, craftsmanship and customer service when purchasing from us here at Designworks Studio. 

Which gemstone or precious metal is right for you? What’s the occasion? Is it a fun cocktail ring, an elegant one of a kind necklace or that special forever ring that’s just perfect for you?

Below you will find information about the exceptional services and collections available here at Designworks Studio. We’ve also added some interesting tips and facts to enhance your understanding of the wonderful world of handmade and bespoke jewellery. 

If you require any help or advise from our knowledgeable  in-house team, would like to discuss a particular piece of jewellery or perhaps a bespoke commission, we are here to answer your queries and would be delighted to assist you. If you can’t pop in to our studio personally, you can always get in touch via our contact page.


To help maintain and keep your jewellery in tip top shape we’ve come up with some simple tips to care for your special pieces. Here’s our Do’s and Don’ts.


Do store jewellery carefully in its original packaging or a jewellery box.

Do clean jewellery using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Making sure to rinse and dry completely.

Do use a non-abrasive soft lint free cloth to polish jewellery and remove tarnishing.

Do check settings and clasps regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Do check gemstones are secure in settings.

Do have your fine jewellery professionally cleaned, polished and checked once a year.


Do Not:

Do not expose jewellery to harsh chemicals or perfumes as this could cause damage and discolouration.

Do not wear jewellery when using household cleansers.

Do not wear jewellery when working out.



Pearls are pretty amazing, organic rather than the usual mineral based gems they need a bit more care than your other jewellery.

Here are some of our tips to keep your pearls beautiful and lustrous.


Do wear your pearls. As an organic material they react well to the natural oils in your skin and it is the best way to maintain their lustre.

Do apply your make up and scent PRIOR to putting your pearl jewellery on.

Do put your pearls on last, and take them off first when undressing.

Do wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing, and occasionally wipe clean with mild soapy water. Allow the pearls to dry before putting them away.

Do have your pearl necklace re-strung every few years; to prevent abrasion, most jewellers knot pearls on silk thread which wears in time.


Do Not:

Do not store your pearls with other jewellery as they can easily be scratched when metal or gemstones rub against them.

Do not store pearls in plastic bags, always store in the box or silk pouch that they should be supplied with.

Do not clean your pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner; the vibrations can shatter them, especially if the nacre is thin or cracked.

Do not use chemical cleaners; especially those containing ammonia and bleach, as this will destroy their lustre.

Do not expose to excessive heat; because they contain organic material and water, pearls can also crack if exposed to excessive dryness.


Extra Nuggets of Info

- White Gold jewellery is usually rhodium plated to achieve its high white colour. This plating will wear away over time depending on wear and care. It is advisable to re-rhodium plate your white gold jewellery every 1 – 2 years depending on wear.

- Diamonds are an extremely hard gemstone and can scratch other diamonds. To avoid this happening store your diamond jewellery separately.

- Some gemstones are also susceptible to damage by chemicals, water and extreme temperature.

Here at Designworks Studio we offer a cleaning and maintenance  service for fine jewellery. For further information and enquiries visit our store in Cork city or contact us at

News & Events

Spring Clean

  Designworks Studio will be closed on Monday 8th February 2016 for a spruce-up and stock-take! We will open as usual on Tuesday at 10.00am.

Designer Launch 29th October 2015, Maria Dorai-Raj and Helle Helsner

Designworks Studio are excited to launch two new designers in store, Thursday 29th Oct 2015 @ 6pm. Two new cork based Designer/Artists: Maria Dorai-Raj & Helle Helsner  

Designworks Studio

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Angela O'Keefe - Florida Earrings (9ct gold, resin, salt crystals, pigment) Hard Candy Ring by Ger Breslin (jee jewellery) Helena Malone Rhapsody Crossover Silver Pendant

Home to a unique Irish jewellery store and gallery with in-house designers and a thriving workshop in the heart of Cork City.

Our jewellery is all handcrafted by a selection of Irelands most prestigious and talented jewellery designers and goldsmiths. Our team here in Cork are welcoming and all involved in the management of the studio, which gives you our customer a unique and personal experience when shopping with Designworks Studio. Utilizing our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise we are happy to assist you when choosing the perfect piece of handmade jewellery.

What we offer

A carefully select range of unique and contemporary fine jewellery to suit all occasions.

Excellent bespoke commission, restyle and repair services.

On top of all that we also run industry/public exhibitions and events throughout the year.

So whether your looking for a gorgeous designer one-off piece of jewellery, a special gift for a loved one or just want to discover our talented designers and collections then please explore and enjoy our website or why call into us at Designworks Studio here in Cork City.